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Ruins are windows into the past, and maybe into the future.

There is a certain romantic beauty in ruins. Archaeological ruins, I mean, like Mayan temples and Egyptian cities half buried in the desert. They are windows into worlds passed away and evidence of life’s steady progression. They inspire art such as Shelley’s poem, Ozymandias, and a genre of thriller movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Donna and I caught a glimpse of such beauty when we hiked through the ruins of a 140 year old textile mill on the banks of the Saluda River near our home.

Such excursions soothe the soul while they challenge our fitness. We work out hard so we can make such hikes and maybe find some enlightenment from a change of perspective we can take back to the day-to-day. They nourish, even when undertaken in the dark energies of current events. That’s what I meant by “spiritual sustenance” in my last journal entry.

The beauty of ruins as wonderments of what came before, can be projected into the future. In fiction, we can imagine what the ruins of our world will mean to our descendants, especially if their world is collapsed to a “pre-tech” level. Such stories have become a genre in Science Fiction usually referred to as post-apocalypse. It is the genre of my novel-in-progress, Power of the Ancients. There’s a dark side to such imaginings, however, because there is the strong possibility that no human will survive to wonder about our ruins. Or if there are, they may curse us for having destroyed the cradle of humanity to a point that leaves them with only the barest supports for survival.

I’ve written often in this journal about the awful burden put upon the natural by the technosphere, and the ruling class’ apparent deliberateness in destroying it. This week, a study was published by a group of European scientists of the results of a decades long study of the level of insect life in various nature preserves in Germany. They found that:

…populations of flying insects like bees and butterflies plunged more than 75 percent in German nature preserves over the past 27 years…

That’s huge and beyond alarming because, as the study’s project leader said:

As entire ecosystems are dependent on insects for food and as pollinators, it places the decline of insect eating birds and mammals in a new context.

And further:

The decline in insect biomass, being evident throughout the growing season, and irrespective of habitat type or landscape configuration, suggests large-scale factors must be involved.

The factors they suggest are mostly the widespread use of insecticides, though I would suggest that more insidious causes are also involved, such as manipulating species via genetic modification, and geoengineering.

Is all we can do in the face of destruction wrought by greed and psychopathy is to stand and watch? Perhaps you will be motivated to activism or to seek out those remaining beauties before they are all gone.

Whether you follow these or some other path, let me point you to another little book that I recently reviewed. It is Beyond Alt-Right and Alt-Left: A Community of Americans by John Hogue, prophecy scholar and political commentator. In this work, Mr. Hogue points out the polarizations he sees in current events as well as in the scads of emails he receives from his readers. He argues for a middle ground of tolerance to hopefully forestall an eruption of widespread violence in the US in a couple of years (revolution or civil war), unless (US) Americans can agree to live with their differences. I think there is a general will among people to do just that, but our rulers will work against it for the sake of maintaining power.

Personally, I will continue to seek out and appreciate the beauty of ruins, even as I realize that our civilization is fast becoming one.

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Book reviews and a video to aid your search for meaning…

How does a person cope when they find themselves living in oppressive, desperate times? How can you live to your fullest and experience the rich potential that exists as part of living on earth, when dark forces seem to be facilitating your demise? These questions express the existential dilemma that keeps popping up when I try to write about writing, storytelling, hiking, fitness, and the better aspects of life I find inspiring. I feel that when I’m writing about something positive, like a hike in a national forest, I’m being delusional or ignoring the hard reality such an event (like the hike) takes place within. It’s like exerting myself on a 5 mile trek down a forest trail while the sky is being overlaid with a chem-trail haze. How do I reconcile the two?

The best commentary I’ve found for dealing with this dilemma is Viktor Frankl’s classic book, Man’s Search for Meaning. Dr. Frankl dealt with these very existential questions while living under the most extreme of conditions: the Nazi concentration camps. There, life for him was reduced to its most elemental level. All meaning, choice, and love were taken from him. Yet in his misery, his clinical mind observed what was happening to him and remained determined to learn its lessons. Those lessons congealed only years after his liberation and they are what I keep returning to.

In a nutshell, Dr. Frankl found that hope and meaning in a person’s life is best found by following three strategies:

(1) by creating a work or doing a deed; 
(2) by experiencing something or encountering someone; and 
(3) by the attitude we take toward unavoidable suffering.

That work or deed might be the engaging in activism to oppose evil. Experiences and encounters  might be deliberate (like hiking the Appalachian Trail) or being open to inspirations offered by “chance” encounters. And when oppression reaches its most extreme, the only choice that can’t be taken from us is how we respond to it (i.e., “suffering well”).

BTW: this is not “spoiling” Dr. Frankl’s book. His anecdotes and commentary expand on these strategies with much enlightenment to anyone open to it. I highly recommend his book (see the links at the end of this post).

So, bearing Dr. Frankl’s advice in mind, let me push ahead with my own work—which I mean to be a helpful sharing with others.

I’ve posted a couple of book reviews that reflect this idea of seeking inspiration and information in the face of harsh reality. The first is a review of a science fiction book, Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitchroney. While I didn’t rate the book highly, I did much enjoy its depiction of the operation of a B-17 Flying Fortress. The authors’ inspired research in this area shows, and that they meshed it with a SF time travel format grabbed my attention. While the story wasn’t handled as well as it could have been, there’s still much entertainment value in it.

The other book review is Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11 by John Hogue. This book’s subject is precisely what its title implies: a consideration of the predictions that Nostradamus actually wrote concerning the 9/11 event, and premonitions that surfaced in the years prior to that great watershed tragedy. Because Mr. Hogue concentrates on his own premonitions, the book is more autobiographical than his other works. It also contains his political commentary (since he is a “political prophet”) that I recommend for those trying to “get a clue,” though in this case, I don’t agree with all of his interpretations.

So I’ve offered in this post, considerations of written works of philosophical inspiration, entertainment inspiration, and paranormal-political commentary. Let me also offer one of stark reality. This is a video made by Geoengineeringwatch.org. It relates the horrendous wildfires constantly raging in the western US (especially California) to the geoengineering program (the source of chem-trails) going on over our heads. I offer this to you as another clue. It is one you can follow into a pitch dark hole, but it’s reality, and you need a store of spiritual sustenance to keep your optimism and your inspiration. See Dr. Frankl’s book.

* * *

Ray-view of Fata Morgana.

Ray-view of Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11.

Ray-view of Man’s Search for Meaning.

Geoengineering Watch video about wildfires.

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Finding respite in a natural shelter.

This last batch of Atlantic hurricanes never reached us and, at this moment, the Atlantic basin is quiet with regard to developing cyclones (other than a couple of disturbances that are already on land and not developing). Since I live fairly near the coast now and work for an organization that helps during emergencies, I’ve anxiously followed this hurricane season (though it’s pretty much year-round now because the oceans are so much hotter). Disaster conditions in the Carolinas tend to ramp up my job duties.

So with a lull in the bad weather, and feeling fit from a routine of work-outs, my wife and I decided to take a hike. Taking advantage of the high pressure installed over us (intended to bounce approaching hurricanes out to sea, which it did for H. Jose and Maria), we hit the trail at Peachtree Rock.

We had hiked Peachtree before, but in late January when the trees were bare. At that time, the denuded trees created an openness on the trail such that it felt more like a park than an expanse of forest. This time, however, the trees were leafed out and it did feel like a forest, making for a better hike. 

Though there was chem-trailing going on, which always mars the outdoors for me, my pent-up need for recreational exertion was such that the time was invigorating. It helped like a tonic, as exercise often does. We explored a bit more on this trip, investigating the interesting geology of the place. It’s an area of hard-rock outcroppings over layers of porous, sandstone sediments that erode, more at their base than the top, to create mesa-like structures. Eventually, their bases erode to the point they become top-heavy and they collapse. The result of such collapses is seen in the tumble of boulders along the northern edge of the preserve.

We climbed among the boulders, until we reached a carved-out spot on high ground. It formed a pretty good shelter and looked out over the expanse of woods containing the hiking trail. The picture accompanying this post was taken from that natural shelter.

The results of rock formations that erosion makes too top-heavy are seen all around the nature preserve that contains the trail. Civilizations are like that. So are economies. Our current ones are not sustainable and the activities of our rulers are mostly directed at keeping their party going. They are doomed to fail and the picture of their final collapse may be seen in the current conditions on Puerto Rico. That island (a US colony where everyone is a US citizen) was completely devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. They are completely dependent on the outside to maintain their “modern lifestyle.” The fragility of that lifestyle is revealed in its destruction. The US government is reluctant to help them, preferring to increase Wall Street’s grip on the island with greater debt (to “rebuild”). 

Richard Heinberg summed up Puerto Rico’s situation and how it presages that of the wider world in an article published on the Global Research website. He also provides a list of sensible steps that could be done to rebuild Puerto Rico to a sustainable economy and society. These same steps could be applied to world civilization and give humanity a chance to survive. It won’t happen, though, as long as the world is ruled by psychopaths via their neoliberal (i.e., fascist) ideology. Disasters such as has occurred in Puerto Rico, will only receive indifference and predatory exploitation from our rulers.

Sitting in a natural shelter overlooking a forest was restorative for me; the kind of thing I return to from time-to-time. It helps maintain personal sanity. Around me though, were beer cans intentionally left in niches among the rocks, providing evidence of those incapable of being touched by beauty. The trick is to live in spite of them, and nestle in what shelters we can find in midst of the onslaught of storms.

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Wild, manipulated weather is discouraging; what would Ulysses do?

Hurricane Irma missed us. Its path led it far to the west, barely brushing Columbia, South Carolina with tropical storm winds. I am thankful for that avoidance of a disaster, though I am very sorry for those souls that took the brunt of it—in the Virgin and Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida, and Georgia. And may God help those in Texas who were wasted by Hurricane Harvey a scant two weeks before. I feel their pain, their outrage, at having suffered calamity from an Act of God. I suspect, however, that God had little to do with the work of those storms.

Hurricane Jose followed Irma, but it stayed out to sea until it was locked in place at a point south of New York City. It weakened to a tropical storm, making tight circles offshore while it dumped waves of rain on the US northeast. As of this writing, Jose has dissipated entirely. It looks like the void may be filled, however, with Hurricane Maria, which is headed over basically the same path. Maria is a major storm and has already completed the devastation Irma started in the Caribbean.

Though Maria’s path is determined to take out to sea at this point, I’ve spent the last week in apprehension over the possibility of its striking SC. For a while, the potential seemed strong. Even now, a right-turn into the state is not outside the capabilities of the geoengineers. It has happened before.

Also at this time, Hurricane Lee has reformed in the mid-Atlantic as a tropical storm. It is scheduled to build back to a hurricane and follow the looping path that is apparently all the rage among hurricanes these days. Apparently, it will be “parked,” to await its use for whatever the geoengineers have in mind.

If you have doubts about my insinuations regarding the control of hurricanes, you might check out this video

My greatest desire in writing is for my words to inspire and entertain. I’ve wanted to use the literary art to express my view of things and experiences of life to the benefit of others. I have myself been thus inspired by written drama and memoir. At this time in my life, there is much I could say—much I have said—and, like Tennyson’s Ulysses, I find that “Tho' much is taken, much abides.” 

What abides for me, I’ll share. A novel, book reviews. news, my strivings and seekings with fitness and with hurricanes. All in the face of perilous times, as I try “not to yield.”

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Hurricanes fired at us as from a baseball pitching machine…

What hath the Great American Eclipse wrought? Hurricane Irma has developed into the biggest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. It has decimated Caribbean islands, skirted Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and is now skimming along the northern coast of Cuba. Its path has shifted steadily from a skirt of the US eastern seaboard, to grazing Florida and hitting Georgia around Savannah and then heading inland to my own city of Columbia, SC, to its current path through central Florida and Georgia before sputtering out somewhere over Tennessee.

Of course, at this point (Saturday morning), it’s still south of Florida at Cuba (I’ve seen no sympathy for Cuba on the mainstream “news”). Though it’s expected to head up into Florida and travel overland, it could be steered anywhere, even out into the Gulf. What do the geoengineers have in mind for this storm and its two companions? We won’t know until it’s done (and really, not even then), but because of the potential path through South Carolina, I’ve been preparing for it all week.

I’ve been preparing at work, that is. Because I’m responsible for a computer network for a nonprofit organization that helps during emergencies, it is important that the network remain operational. At this point, the hurricane’s path is determined to bypass us by a wide margin, so we seem to have dodged that bullet. 

Florida won’t dodge it, however. It looks certain that Irma will landfall on the Keys at Category 4 strength (maybe even Cat 5). As the storm sweeps up the peninsula, there will be much damage and suffering. May the spirits help all in that infernal path.

So since the GAE, we’ve seen four major hurricanes strike or threaten the US, a major earthquake-with-tsunami in Mexico, major solar flares, and the usual chem-trailing (though it’s been bad enough to choke on in SC lately). And in the human sphere, we’ve seen more sabre-rattling toward North Korea prompted by their nuclear bomb tests. 

I’m really not big into omens, beyond as a dramatic device, but some dark momentums have ramped up and the GAE can be viewed as a herald. If you’re interested in reading about cosmic portents of physical events, I recommend this book. It’s also a good overview of world events as seen from outside the mainstream media.

These dark momentums are evidence of our changing world. We have reached the limits to growth and our ten thousand year old paradigm for civilization is ill-equipped to handle it. That situation is the foundation for the post-apocalypse novel I’m writing (Power of the Ancients). Actually, there has been an explosion of post-apocalypse drama in recent years, and I think it comes from the common, subliminal, consensus that things can’t go on as they have.

In the meantime, I’ll just track the disasters and try to stay out of their way.

PS: Here’s a link to the hurricane page on the South Carolina 211 website.  While it’s slanted towards SC, it contains info that might be helpful to anyone having to deal with a hurricane and its aftermath.

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The Great American Eclipse as a Presage for Hurricane Harvey and Collapse?

The Hurricane Harvey event has come and gone, but the aftermath is just beginning. That event lasted for about five days. The initial horror of its winds quickly gave way to the horror of its rains. The storm sat parked over the Houston area for several days, surrounded by high pressure that ensured it would stay put. Even so, it did jog out over the ocean and back a few times, gathering strength and more moisture for floods. When it finally departed the area, it left Houston under water, a rising death toll, and scattered misery.

This disaster struck barely a week after the “Great American Eclipse” (GAE). Is there a causal connection? Maybe at some cosmic level. Within the preceding months of the event, John Hogue noted:

I also foresee by August something so large happening with the Earth’s climate that even a few climate change deniers, like President Trump perhaps, might take notice that something is going very wrong with the planet, its storms and even its quaking earth when Saturn resumes its forward progress on 25 August 2017.

        Hogue, John. John Hogue's Worldwide Astrological Predictions for the Real New Year: Spring 2017 to Spring 2018 (Kindle Locations 504-508). HogueProphecy Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

I think Hurricane Harvey qualifies as a pretty large happening that is just the opening act of a drawn-out climate affair. I expect, however, it will be denied, spun, and lied about right up to the bitterly hot end. As I write this, Hurricane Irma is crossing the Atlantic at a Category 3 level and it looks like a strong possibility for striking the US—possibly the eastern seaboard. It’s followed by a disturbance that could become Hurricane Jose and reach the US in the Gulf. And then it seems that a constant firing of tropical waves off Africa may keep a steady stream of cyclones headed for us in the months of September and October. 

I fear those months will be ones for watching cyclones bouncing around the Atlantic like the steel ball in a pinball machine, hoping it doesn’t “tilt” into our area. Of course, there’s a randomness to a pinball game that isn’t matched in weather events anymore. Imagine a strong magnet placed against the bottom of the pinball machine, allowing the ball to be directed and so racking up as many points as desired. It seems something analogous to that magnet was applied to H. Harvey. 

Note the huge right angle in the satellite image that heads this journal entry. Aren’t there supposed to be no straight lines in nature? It defines the high pressure pushing the remnants of Harvey away from Texas and up to, roughly, Memphis. Western images showed that same “border” keeping moisture out of southern California, where a hellish heatwave (heat dome?) has developed.

The disaster of Hurricane Harvey prompted some interesting comments from observers of the world scene. Most weren’t reported in the mainstream media.

In an article for the Common Dreams website, Naomi Klein points out that disasters such as Hurricane Harvey are occurring because of the climate change problem humanity won’t address—or at least our rulers won’t address it, or not adequately, anyway. She says:

The records being broken year after year — whether for drought, storm surges, wildfires or just heat — are happening because the planet is markedly warmer than it has been since record-keeping began.

        Naomi Klein, Harvey Didn’t Come Out of the Blue. Now Is The Time to Talk About Climate Change, commondreams.org

A big reason our planet is “markedly warmer” is that the air is saturated with metal particulates from the constant spraying (the chemtrails of geoengineering) that contributes to the greenhouse effect. Further contributions come from the carbon dioxide from industrialized civilization and the methane released from thawing permafrost.

Weather manipulation is a consequence of being ruled by psychopaths and is itself a presage to civilization’s collapse (which, like geoengineering, is well under way). James Kunstler, a well-known writer about collapse, interviewed Richard Heinberg (another well-known writer about collapse) this week in a podcast that struck me as particularly enlightening. I’ve followed the work of both these men for many years and I’ve seen them grow in pessimism about the progression of things. This podcast offers a good “state of affairs” from the both of them.

Mr. Kunstler doesn’t consider himself a “doomer” in that he thinks a better future is possible for humanity, but it will only come after civilization has collapsed to a sustainable mode of living. Indeed, this collapse will happen whether people want it or not, because our civilization/economy is based on the ideas of endless growth. The world’s resources required to fuel that growth are running out. Therefore, Mr. Heinberg identifies our problem as being a systemic one of “overshoot.” He says:

The human system expanded dramatically, overshooting Earth’s long-term carrying capacity for humans while upsetting the ecological systems we depend on for our survival. Until we understand and address this systemic imbalance, symptomatic treatment...will constitute an endlessly frustrating round of stopgap measures that are ultimately destined to fail.

        Richard Heinberg, Museletter #303: Climate Change Isn’t Our Biggest Environmental Problem, and Why Technology Won’t Save Us, richardheinberg.com

There were other indicators of moral and economic collapse this week. Steven Singer, writing for Common Dreams, posed the question of whether the Houston public schools would be privatized via conversion to charter schools. That happened in New Orleans after the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, and I expect the odds are great for it happening in Houston.

Perhaps the most telling example of the cruel system we live under is the revelation of a complete cure for leukemia. The cure is by means of a single-infusion therapy that “re-programs” cells in living patients to perform a specific task, like killing cancer cells. The “problem” with this therapy for pharmaceutical companies (like Novartis) is:

The therapies are designed in a laboratory and introduced to patients through a single infusion. For a pharmaceutical industry built on perpetually treating symptoms with refillable prescriptions rather than producing permanent and enduring cures, this new form of therapy represents the end of their business model.

        Tony Cartalucci, Curing Incurable Leukemia, globalresearch.ca

And so the leukemia cure is priced at $475,000 when the cost to test it on terminally ill patients was $20,000. Capitalism. Of course, I’m suspicious of the idea of a cellular re-engineering therapy developed by big pharma to cure cancer. I would think they could make tons of money by developing it into some monstrosity of a bio-weapon they could sell to the military-industrial. Probably, they already have.

While I wish to write about more uplifting subjects, there are storms headed our way—in reality and metaphor. They bear upon all that we do and mitigate our hopes. Maybe they make us stronger. I’ll keep you posted.

                                                                      * * *

LINKS for further reading:

KunstlerCast 294 — “There’s No App for That” — Richard Heinberg

Museletter #303: Climate Change Isn’t Our Biggest Environmental Problem, and Why Technology Won’t Save Us

Curing Incurable Leukemia

After Hurricane Harvey, Will Houston Public Schools Be Charterized?

Harvey Didn’t Come Out of the Blue. Now Is The Time to Talk About Climate Change.

Engineered Climate Cataclysm: Hurricane Harvey ( Dane Wigington GeoengineeringWatch.org )

<![CDATA[Totality, Part III (The Eclipse)]]>Sat, 26 Aug 2017 16:54:03 GMThttp://rayfoy.com/rays-journal/totality-part-iii-the-eclipsePicture
The Great American Eclipse has passed…

The shadow of the 2017 solar eclipse ran its predicted course over a troubled and turbulent United States. The event of totality made the mainstream news along with the aftermaths of appalling tragedies in Charlottesville, VA and Barcelona, Spain. The natural perfection of the sun-moon alignment contrasted with the moronic rantings of presidential speeches and tweets, and with the beyond-appalling US war threats towards Syria, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, and Afghanistan. All the while, a monster storm brewed in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening Texas with wind devastation and a week of flooding. 

[At this point, Hurricane Harvey has come onshore near Rockport, TX and moved inland, still a category 1 storm. It shows signs of manipulation and will be held in place for some 5 to 7 days. This is a horrific event, likely to be worse than was Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Did the eclipse herald all this? In a way, I think. It at least was an underline, for anyone watching, of the turbulence and insanity of current events. Potentially, there is much worse to come, unless some critical mass of humanity wakes up. 

But there is also instruction in the contrast of horrific events and a natural wonder that happens, indifferent to the machinations of humanity.

I did experience the eclipse. Though obscured by cloud and chemtrail, the shadow’s passing reached me with the cosmic energy of its novelty, and perhaps of its portent. Some around me felt it as well and expressed being moved by the event.

There had been much popular hype leading up to the eclipse, of course, and I remained aloof from much of it. I was drawn in, however, by writings about it in articles and a couple of ebooks that I reviewed. I decided I didn’t want to miss it, especially after my wife bought “eclipse glasses” to facilitate our family viewing.

I was at work, when the time came (8/21/2017 — totality occurred at about 14:40 EDT).

Some 40 minutes before totality, the afternoon had grown noticeably dimmer. I looked at the sun through my eclipse glasses and the moon was about 1/3 in transit over the solar disk. It was a fascinating sight, but I didn't look for too long. I had reservations about prolonged staring at the sun, even through protective lenses.

A lot of clouds threatened rain, especially towards the northeast, but the sun-and-moon moved through an open space. It seemed we had a good chance of seeing the very moment of totality.

People from my office building came out, took a glimpse through eclipse glasses, and then retreated back inside (faithful workers). Some tried to take pictures with their smart-phones but the results were either nothing or red dots—even when photographing through the lenses of their eclipse glasses. Based on those poor results I decided to not risk damaging my phone in a futile effort. So I took pictures of my surroundings to log the onset of darkness in the mid-afternoon. 

At about 15 minutes from totality, it was decidedly darker. The temperature was dropping and the wind picked up. The sun was a waning crescent now. The northeast looked rainy and clouds gathered directly overhead. They surrounded the sun-and-moon but did not cover it.

At ten minutes from totality, the sun was a thinner crescent, but still bright enough to light the day. Such is the power of our local star.

More people were outside now. These were the die-hards who would see it through. On the west side of my building complex, people had gathered in the parking lot and around the large pond there. They reclined in lawn chairs or on car hoods, watching through eclipse glasses.

Then at five minutes from totality, clouds covered the sun-and-moon. I heard a lot of "ahh's" of disappointment, but it didn't really dull the experience for me. The day steadily darkened, as if the sun was setting. I took pictures, thinking I could surely aim my phone-camera at the sun now.

I noticed at this point, a plane spraying at high altitude. Maybe 15 degrees below the sun-and-moon, it left a definite chemtrail as it arced towards the south. They had been spraying pretty heavy since the early morning and so all this was happening in a chemtrail haze anyway. I had wondered if the haze would cause some ghastly auras around the totality as it often did around sunsets, but that would be concealed now. Even so, the spraying made an apt statement of the indifference of the geoengineers to a natural miracle.

Then, behind the clouds, the moon and sun aligned into totality. The darkness of sunset settled over everything. A cool, moist, breeze stirred. Streetlights came on. Cicadas sang in the trees. People stood silhouetted in front of my building's lighted windows as if in a night scene.

In my readings on the eclipse, it was averred that solar eclipses emit a particular energy. Some folk traditions warn that it is best to stay inside during the event. I did pick up on some energy, vibration, or feeling. Maybe it was just the strangeness of the ambiance of dusk when the sun was high in the sky. It seemed to affect my family as well, and I received several excited text messages from them when it was over. I replied with one of my photos.

The event lasted only some three minutes. Then the daylight steadily returned. The watching groups broke up. People went back to work and I returned to my office. Email exchanges spoke of what we had just experienced and I heard at least one "Did you see it?" pass down the hallway.

I've noted in my related journal posts that this eclipse is joined with certain astrological alignments that indicate the event as a presage to a time of great changes--worldwide, national, and personal. Or maybe not so much change, since change is continuous in life, as passage. Like moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, we may move to an entirely new phase full of constituent endings and beginnings.

And whether for good or ill, you can be sure your new phase is full of potential, and perhaps nourished on the mystical energy of this total solar eclipse.

[Special note: As I write this, much pain and suffering has begun in south Texas. May God have mercy.]

<![CDATA[The Pre-Eclipse]]>Sun, 20 Aug 2017 19:58:50 GMThttp://rayfoy.com/rays-journal/the-pre-eclipsePicture
Tomorrow is the day of the “Great American Eclipse.”

The solar eclipse of Aug 21, 2017, that is. The one with the shadow of totality crossing the most of the continental United States, and right over my home in Columbia, SC. I’ve read about, written about, and even somewhat prepared for it (my wife bought us eclipse glasses). So what’s the big deal?

The expectation is for a big influx of visitors to Columbia because of the 100% totality and it’s a largish city. Maybe, but if they’re here, they’re keeping to their hotel rooms because I haven’t noticed any particular increase in traffic or people on the streets this weekend before. Of course, tomorrow may be a different story. 

I’ve taken an interest in this eclipse for it’s novelty, of course, but also for the sense of it as a harbinger. Historically, great astronomical events such as eclipses, comets, red moons, shooting stars, supernova, and such have been seen as presages, usually of doom (unalterable fate). While the belief in such is up for grabs, these signs at least serve as reminder that there are notable moments of change in life. “Tides in the affairs of men.” 

I understand that this eclipse comes at a time of certain astrological alignments that underpin it a portent for great changes in the world. These changes range from nuclear war, to earthquakes, to great upheavals in societies where the common folk find their outrage against their rulers. And all this is reflected via myriad threads down to the personal. 

The message is one of enlightenment found through trial. The stars are saying that both individuals and populations must endure a crucible of hardship before they find peace; that revelation will come only after pain. I don’t know that it happens any other way, but maybe the eclipse offers the underlining for this particular time, and for these particular journeys to the light through the darkness.

I’ll try to get out and see the eclipse tomorrow. I’ll take pictures of its effects; maybe of the eclipse itself at totality. In any event, I’ll report on what I see and what I experience. And in spite of all the darkness in the world, and all the nasty stuff this eclipse could herald, here’s hoping the presage will be towards a positive light for all of us.

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I keep writing about the “Great American Eclipse” as though I were greatly concerned about it.

Maybe I am. We’re about a week away from the “Great American Eclipse” and it seems I’ll be writing a lot about it. I had not given the eclipse much thought, until I started reading about it in the media and encountering the general interest in it around me. Then I realized that the shadow’s transit would go directly over my current residence of Columbia, SC (see the graphic header of my last journal entry). I’ve read and reviewed a couple of books that concern the eclipse, and I’m anticipating the event myself.

One of the books I read and reviewed is John Hogue’s Worldwide Astrological Predictions for the Real New Year: Sprint 2017 to Spring 2018. Mr. Hogue talks a lot about the eclipse in that book, seeing it as a presage for coming tumults both natural and political. He recently put out a companion book that is specifically about the eclipse. It is The Great American Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami. I’ve also reviewed this book.

So will this eclipse be the supernatural herald to apocalyptic events? Maybe. It depends, I think, upon how you define “supernatural.” From my readings, I see this eclipse as another presage, or marker, of tumultuous times. I don’t see it as a message from God or the Devil, but maybe one from the numinous, nonetheless. Indeed, I think the eclipse can be viewed as a marker like the turning of the millennium or the passing of 12/21/2012. It likely marks an “end time,” whether that be the end of an era, or of everything.

Any significant natural event like this eclipse, can be seen as an underscore to the growing disorder around us. There is an unease among people that leaves them grasping for answers and comfort. The fragility of the global status makes them look for leadership from a strong-man or the intervention of the divine. The truth of our situation is conceivable, however. It is a cause-and-effect scenario that many thinkers have pointed out. In his new book, Mr. Hogue sums it up as:

America could have ignored the climate signs and sank deeper into its fossil fuel addiction, postponing economic rehab for years and procrastinating until it seeks industrial rehab too late to restore Earth’s climate, grown too warm and unstable.  (Hogue, John. Great American Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami, Kindle Locations 795-799. HogueProphecy Publishing. Kindle Edition.)

In the midst of apocalypse, I live as if in normal times where God is in His heaven and all is OK. I’ll be working on Eclipse Day (Aug 21). I hope to be able to break long enough to step outside and observe the passing totality. Of course, I expect everyone in my building will do that as well. If the weather-controllers allow, and the chemtrail haze is light enough, we’ll all see a rare astronomical event. In the natural world, it’s a wonderful event. Only human perverseness corrupts it into an evil omen. 

The main premise of Mr. Hogue’s eclipse book is that solar eclipses have a history of presaging earthquakes. Where the shadow passes fault-lines, earthquakes are often unleashed in the following few months or years. This one will cross four major fault-lines in the continental US. One runs close to Charleston, SC, which is not far from me. That city was hit by a major quake in 1886 and damage extended 60 miles from the epicenter. We’re well beyond that radius. Even so, we’re directly beneath the point of 100% totality. Might be a good idea to google “earthquake survival kits.”

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A harbinger of better times, if we can survive the worse ones.

The much-anticipated solar eclipse is about two weeks away (Aug 21, 2017). Interestingly, to me, the path of totality will pass directly over my current residence (Columbia, SC) at 2:42pm before it exits over Charleston and out to sea. I can’t remember the last time I lived in a place so situated (if I ever did). So I suppose I’ll be watching, if there’s enough of a break in the weather and the chem-trail haze.

A lot of people are excited about this eclipse. I understand schools are closing early to let their students view it. One of my co-workers is taking off to seriously  watch it through a telescope. Of course, such a major astronomical event prompts yearnings to glean the significance from it, both scientific and spiritual.

I mentioned in my last journal entry that I was reading a new book by John Hogue:  Worldwide Astrological Predictions for the Real New Year: Spring 2017 to Spring 2018. I’ve finished it and posted a review (see the links a the end of this entry). In his book, Mr. Hogue does draw some astrological significance from the eclipse, mostly as a herald to major events that are the subject of prophecies (re: Nostradamus and others). These events represent turning points in human history and concern things like World War III (a nuclear one with the US against Russia and China), financial meltdown (i.e., a stock market crash), and a major climate event that includes some stunning natural disasters (like earthquakes along major faults running through the US). Heavy stuff, but Mr. Hogue also offers a thread of hope.

I’m not really a “believer” in astrology in the sense that I plan my life by horoscope, but I don’t dismiss it or any spiritual practice. I feel like there is a nonphysical side of life, that is probably the larger side. I call it “the numinous” and I think we interact with it constantly, and mostly unawares (I incorporate this idea in my novel-in-progress, Power of the Ancients). Practices such as astrology, tarot reading, mediumship, and fortune-telling tap into the numinous and can provide insight to people who are self-aware, open-minded, discerning. 

It seems to me that when historical prophets such as Nostradamus, Stormberger, Edgar Cayce, and even bible prophets predict world wars and other calamities that  point to current times, we should pay attention. Especially those prophets, such as Nostradamus, that show amazing accuracy in their predications. What we get from them, as far as I can discern from my reading, is a consensus that civilization (and possibly humanity) will end in apocalyptic warfare. Current events seem to be a juggernaut in that direction.

There is another prophetic thread among the seers that indicates a calamity of nature, especially weather. I see this in Mr. Hogue’s writings, in Nostradamus’ writings, the Hopi prophecies, and others. They all say, in essence, that the weather will go wild “towards the end.” Even “messages from the other side” reported by psychics, and “alien abductees” are very often filled with ecological themes and warn of the destruction of the human habitat (i.e., Earth). I have come to believe that much of this points to the utterly insane and apocalyptic practice of geo-engineering that our rulers engage in with total abandon.

But prophecies are possibilities, potentials and warnings. None are written in stone. I mentioned that he offers a thread of hope in the dark times he writes about (and he is as adept at reading current events as he is at reading the stars or Nostradamus’ quatrains). That thread is the idea that these times are the birth pains prior to better times. The pains will be terrible, but the world that comes from them will be, well, if not heaven, at least livable. He is referring to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (in an interesting throw-back to a song that very popular in my early youth).

It is difficult for me to be optimistic about the Age of Aquarius when I read current events. But then, what Mr. Hogue and believers in the New Age are referring to is a return to the way humans lived when we were tribal hunter-gatherers. That is, when men and women worked as partners without hierarchy and everyone shared in the fruits of everyone’s efforts. This is more than socialism; it’s practicality. And it worked for the most of the time of human existence on Earth. 

So maybe there’s a chance for surviving these times and for humanity having more future. After all, Nostradamus made predictions of a future history as far out as 3797 c.e..
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